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Our mission:
  JIVRI is a group aims to study on volunteering and activities of non-profit organizations in the cultural context. In the today’s voluntary and non-profit sector, forcing enlightment activities, such as introducing good practice, developing know-how, discussing idealistic theory and making manual, are popular but many of them apt to be too technological and idealistic. There are very few research projects from cultural and social perspectives.
  To take root in society, basically voluntary and non-profit sector need to be fused with, succeed and develop native culture like plants need to harmonize with climate. We hope to reveal the knowledge to give voluntary and non-profit sector lasting stability as if we find water flowing beneath the surface of the earth.
  Now we are continuing research on volunteering in East Asian countries to understand it in the cultural context. As deepening exchanges and understandings through announcing our findings and holding international symposiums, we contribute to development of an East Asian community to the best of our ability for the time being.

Our activities:
- Hosting East Asia Civil Society Forum as a co-host organization.
- Participating in research meeting on civil society sector as an organizer.
- Working with national associations across the world and provide their information to the public.

International partners:
- China Association for NGO Corperation
- Korea Forum of Volunteerism

Board members:
■Yoshiharu Shiraishi (President)
Senior Research Associate, The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations
Guest Researcher, Kanazawa University

<Board members>
■Huang Haoming
Vice President and Professor, China Global Philanthropy Institute

■Bang Jina
Research Staff, Sahmyook University

■Jhon Jonks
Coordinator, Korea Forum of Volunteerism

■Kenta Kusuda
Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts

■Yoshinori Yamaoka
Chairman, Civil Society Initiative Fund

Magazine "Civil Society Forum"
- July 2017: Vol.1
- January 2018: Vol.2

- July 2018: Vol.3
- January 2019: Vol.4
- July 2019: Vol.5

- January 2020: Vol.6
- June 2020: Vol.7

- January 2021: Vol.8
- July 2021: Vol.9
- January 2022: Vol.10
- July 2022: Vol.11
- January 2023: Vol.12
- July 2023: Vol.13

[Researches on international volunteerism]
China and Volunteering - Logic of Politics and Logic of Culture [PDF]

[Researches on corporate philanthropy]
Corporate Philanthropy and CSR [PDF]
Based on a comparative study on Japanese and American Corporate Philanthropy

History of Japanese Corporate Philanthropy [PDF]
Section 1 Seeking the Roots of Japanese Corporate Philanthropy –Shonindo (Japanese Merchant Principles) in Early Modern Japan

History of Japanese Corporate Philanthropy [PDF]
Section 2 From Meiji Era To The End Of World War II

History of Japanese Corporate Philanthropy
Section 3 From The End Of World War II To Now

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